What details should I pay attention to when optimizing website pages?

What details should I pay attention to when optimizing website pages? Station Youyun believes that optimization should pay attention to page optimization. In the Internet world, whether it is a search engine or a user, the page quality is still good or bad. why? For websites, improving the quality of your website pages may increase the number and frequency of scratches on your website pages. As spiders crawl websites more frequently, the likelihood of site pages being indexed increases. Today, You Yun explained what details should be paid attention to when optimizing the website page.
First, analyze and extract user requirements
When optimizing your site, you must optimize your site with a user experience as a standard to attract search engine tracking. Therefore, the optimization of the company’s website should focus on improving the user experience. To meet the user experience, we need to optimize analysts to continually analyze user needs, understand what types of content users want to see on the site, and what needs to be addressed on the site. The problem is only to meet the needs of users, users’ confidence in the website can attract more users to visit the website, so that the website gets more traffic.
Second, the link site must be related to the content.
The site consists of links and pages, including the construction of a website chain, friendship exchange links, and more. Therefore, the construction of the link site is good, it can improve the optimization effect of the corporate website to get more traffic and good ranking. However, when building a linked site, you should be aware of the fact that the linked site must be related to the content of the page. Otherwise, it will not only affect the user experience, but also reduce the confidence of the search engine or even fine.
Third, as search engine algorithms change
The optimizer needs to constantly update the search engine algorithm updates during the page optimization process. As search engines continue to evolve, users’ search habits and search needs are not static. If your page optimization has stopped and you have not updated the page optimization method, it is easy to not follow the rules of the new search engine algorithm. And it can’t meet the new needs of users, it can’t show users more valuable website content, which affects website optimization.

What are the benefits of adding text to a website?

When we browse the website, we will see that many keywords have added text, so that the user clicks to jump to another page, which makes many new people do not understand, do not know what this is, so that today, you can Everyone elaborates on the promotion and benefits of the text on the website.
First, we must find that writing an article has only two purposes: one is to track the search engine and the other is to browse the user. So let’s talk about it first. Search engine function, the added text of the article can focus on the keyword of the article, can inform the search engine that your website has been optimized for SEO, rather than casually published articles, the article has key points and articles highlight the key points.

Secondly, we talk about the user’s experience with text. When users read this article, they may need more understanding. If you add text, it means that users want to know more about this content, you can click directly to make it easier for users to view and improve. user experience. At the same time, it also reduces the user’s bounce rate, because if the user reads his article and sees content he does not understand, he usually reopens the search interface to search, but the added text content is different, the user can read more content. , don’t leave your website.
Then Xiaobian means that the description of the text is also very useful for the SEO ranking of the website. According to the algorithm, a keyword spider with text added will give the word a greater weight. This is useful for ranking this keyword. Then Station You Yun Xiaobian reminds everyone to be present. W