Top 5 Independence Day Speech of Pakistan 14 August in English

Top 5 Independence Day Speech of Pakistan 14 August in English

Independence Day is the celebration of Pakistan’s independence and it is celebrated on 14 August every year. It commemorates the day that Pakistan achieved its independence and separated from India. People in Pakistan celebrate it with great enthusiasm, zeal and excitement because they got their freedom after a long battle with India.

Pakistani Flag independence day 14 August

Happy Independence day Pakistan Speech 2021/8/14. Freedom from all the troubles and worries is what the Independence Day stands for. It’s about celebrating, rejoicing and thanking the Almighty for this beautiful country we all live in and taking a pledge to take out valuable time of ours to contribute in Pakistan’s development.

This Independence Day, let us all make efforts to leave behind our differences and celebrate this day with full zeal and fervour, so that it serves as a milestone in our country’s progress. Let us together strive to make Pakistan a ‘new Pakistan’ — a peaceful, prosperous and well-developed nation where every citizen lives with dignity.

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