Rawalpindi board English 10th Notes Chapter 3

Rawalpindi board English 10th Notes Chapter 3

Class 10 English notes according to Rawalpindi board, & Punjab syllabus Chapter 3 (Try Again) Include review questions, solved exercises, important board questions, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, MCQs, and grammar.

Rawalpindi board English 10th Notes Chapter 3 (Try Again)


Q.1) Write meaning of the following words.


Careful attention
Stand firm; be persistent
To struggle in opposition; to try to achieve a result
An instance of a disease, injury, or problem
The capacity to accept or tolerate problems or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious

Q.2) Find synonyms of the following words.


defeat, overpower

Reading Comprehension

What is the lesson taught in the first stanza?The first stanza gives us the lesson of trying hard against all odds. No matter how hard the task is, if we stay persistent our courage will be built up and we will succeed.What can we learn from failure?Failure is the stepping stone towards the success and it gives us the courage to build our selves. It depends on a person’s attitude towards failure, if he perceives it in a positive sense then no doubt it is failure that teaches many lessons to a person like how to deal with harsh situations, how to face the reality or how to face the near and dear ones.How is a failure not a disgrace?Failure is not a disgrace but a step toward success. If we keep on trying, we will win. but for that, we should not give up on trying in shame.How many times should we try and why?Efforts do not seek numbers. Courage will only be developed if we remain steadfast, patient and try harder.What should we do if we find our task hard?If we find our task hard and difficult to accomplish, we should not give up. Instead, we should try again. Time will bring us the fruit of our labor.Give an example of a struggle from your life?I tried hard to win the award of Excellency in my school for two consecutive years but did not succeed. I kept on participating in every competition and at last, I was able to win that award with great honor.

Q.2) Select the choice that explains the meaning of the simile as it i used in the sentences.

Rawalpindi board English 10th Notes Chapter 3
Rawalpindi board English 10th Notes Chapter 3

Rawalpindi board English 10th Notes Chapter 3

1. (B) I was cozy in my bed.
2. (A) The new teacher was nice.
3. © The leader knew a lot of things.
4. © The shopping center was really busy.
5. (B) Dennis was acting childish.
6. (B) Mohsin was angry.

Q.4) Read the poem again and find out the example of alliteration.

In the first stanza, the letter “T” is repeated quite often giving beauty to the poem as tis, try “Tis a lesson you should heed — try again”
There is another letter “F” used as alliteration in the poem “ For if you will preserve, you will conquer, never fear”.

Q.1) Explain the main idea of the poem.

The poem reflects the idea of constant struggle, hope and optimism. It says that honest tries with steady efforts, perseverance and little patience are always fruitful. Great people who reached the heights of glory are epitomized as they have remained firm and honest under tedious, hostile and adverse circumstances. Any person can conquer the territory of success only if he overcomes his fear of failure through believing in himself and try again.

B. Paraphrase the stanzas of the poem.

Rawalpindi board English 10th Notes Chapter 3
Rawalpindi board English 10th Notes Chapter 3

Rawalpindi board English 10th Notes Chapter 3

Stanza 1
This is the lesson you should pay heed to and listen carefully, that try again. If you don’t succeed on the first attempt, try again. If you will remain persistent, your courage should appear and you will conquer the world. So do not fear and try again.
Stanza 2:
You might fail once or twice but you will always succeed at last. There is no disgrace if we continuously try hard, even if we do not win the race. But what you should do in such circumstances, try again.
Stanza 3:
If you find your task is hard and difficult, keep on doing it and try hard, you will see time will bring you, your reward. All the successful people have passed through the same phase of life, so you also need to keep patience and trying hard.

Q.3) Write a summary of the poem “Try Again”.

A simple yet elegant piece of literature by William Hickson, Try Try Again, gives the message of hope, courage, and optimism. He says, if you don’t succeed at first try again to get your goal but do not renounce before the temporary hurdles which appear only to discourage you. The poet emphasizes the fact that there is no disgrace to be fouled in the first attempt. Many people get frustrated after failure and give up their struggles. So he advises us to make constant efforts as temporary hardships will worn-out by time. It is due to perseverance and will power that let the person go through the miserable circumstances. He winds up with the words never to yield before heavy odds and keep on trying as it will surely get you to get the reward one day.

Q.4) Write a paragraph on “Hardwork is the Key to Succe: (100–150 words)

Rawalpindi board English 10th Notes Chapter 3
Rawalpindi board English 10th Notes Chapter 3

Rawalpindi board English 10th Notes Chapter 3

A well known and commonly used maxim,” hard work is key to success” is famous among teachers and parents for their children.No doubt, these golden words are very true. Hard work is key to success. Today we see that technology has improved to such an extent that a person can have a lunch in Paris and a dinner in New York on the same day. There lie great contributions from people like the Wright brothers and Henry Ford to invent these means of transportation, which were the result of their hard-work arid great efforts.

A person can excel in his career due to hard work. Science has developed so much that handshaking can be virtually done between any two countries. This is due to the tremendous amount of researches accomplished by scientists. All achievements in science and technology are because of hard work contributed by people in different fields. Likewise, A person can excel in his career due to hard work. If he sits at home, no one would offer him a job unless he initiates the job searching process. Also if you are working in a company you will be promoted only because of working hard. A student stands out first only if he studies hard. Many students after graduation say that probably they were not lucky enough to get good marks, or the evaluators must have marked their papers strictly. But again these are merely reasons that can’t be given preference. Thus a young individual has the potential to do something and crave in reaching a particular acme, only condition being hard work and efforts, which will pick you up wherever you are.

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