Rawalpindi board English 10th Notes Chapter 10

Rawalpindi board English 10th Notes Chapter 10

Rawalpindi board English 10th Notes Chapter 10 (A World Without Books?) Include review questions, solved exercises, important board questions, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, MCQs, and grammar.

Rawalpindi board English 10th Notes Chapter 10 (A World Without Books?)


Q.A) Explain each phrase as used in the lesson.
a) Books are bridges
b) his face beaming
c) books make us travel at large
d) connects one with humanity
e) nourishment for the mind

a) Books are bridges through which we make our connection with society.
b) There is a smile and freshness on his face.
c) Books are helpful in a way that they take the reader along for a journey to far areas.
d) To unite a person with people.
e) Food for thought that gives new and innovative ideas.

Q.B) Find five idioms in which comparative adjectives are used.
Example: A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush.


Blood is thicker than water.
The better the weather, the brighter the working of the mind.
It is easier to lose a friend than to win one.
Nothing is more difficult than to make the hearer laugh.
The higher the mountain, the more difficult to climb.

How does a book connect the reader and the writer?A book connects the reader and the writer as the reader moves into the world of imagination or fantasy according to the words that are written on the pages. He considers the possession if something deliciously private between him and the writer as no one else knows what he is reading, feeling or experiencing.In what way books are better than radio, TV, and Internet?Books are better than radio, TV and the Internet because they are not the time or place-bound. Book reading does not depend on electricity or powers sources; one can get benefit from reading books while traveling.“It’s slow food in a world given over to fast food” Explain.This means that books are quite a reliable source of information and private too. One can enjoy the flavor of books at any time whereas blogs, text messages and e-books are like fast food that one can enjoy for a particular period of time and they are endured only as long as the stuff they are printed on.Why should people be given more opportunities to read books?People should be given more opportunity to read books as books are the true source of shelters, sustenance and also provide a path that leads towards a prosperous future. Reading books enhance the understanding of mankind about history, feelings, thoughts, imaginations, compassion, and voice.Which book has inspired you the most? Why?The book that inspired me the most is the Holy Quran because it tells us how to live our lives successfully and how to stay away from evils and try our level best to tread on a path that leads us to Heaven.

Q.A) Read the letter to the editor and answer the questions given below.

What is the main idea of the letter?The main idea of the letter about a decline in reading. He suggests various ideas for promoting the habit of reading in society.According to the writer what has the youth lost by ignoring good books?According to the writer, today’s youth has lost the refuge from almost all the miseries of life. They have lost the building blocks of character, economy, society, politics, and nation. They have lost the treasure that could develop their knowledge.What are the factors responsible for diverting people’s attention from books?The factors that must be held responsible for diverting people’s attention from the books are the quick browsing on the internet, playing games on mobile phones, passing on non-stop text messages and last but not the least TV and movies that have filled their minds with unwanted stuff.What is the responsibility of parents?There falls a huge responsibility on shoulders of parents as they have to maintain a proper and all-time check and balance system on their teenagers due to their easy access to all the irrelevant, uncensored stuff that is available on the internet. The parents must discourage their children from using mobile phones.Why should libraries be established widely?Libraries should be established widely to promote the healthy habit of reading among young generation.What solution does the writer suggest to promote the habit of book-reading?The writer suggests that the habit of reading must be promoted among the youth. He also the habit of book-reading by recommending the students that they should reda some general books beside text-books.Encircle the transitional devices used in the letter. What is their function?The transitional devices used in the letter are so, as, but, while, however, furthermore and besides.
The word transition means passing over. Transitional words are the words used to connect one idea to the next. These words help to make a piece of writing flow better. They can turn disconnected pieces of ideas into a unified whole and prevent a reader from getting lost in the reading.

Q.B) Write a letter to the editor about access to school libraries in the evening.

The Editor,
The News,

Subject: Access to School Library in the Evening.

With due respect, I want to bring it in your attention that it is the crying need of the time to make our students equipped with knowledge and information regarding many fields. It is possible in many ways. And one of it is to give students free access to libraries. School libraries should be kept open in the evening so that as per convenience, students could take books and journals for their use.

Students cannot buy books from shops because either they are of high prices or not available in the market. This is causing great loss to students those who are eager to get first-hand knowledge.
It is therefore quite proper and desirable to keep the school libraries open in the evening. Students will present their school ID card in order to borrow the books for a short period of time.
I will be very thankful for your act of kindness.

Yours truly,

Q.C) Write an argumentative essay on “TV is taking away the Habit of Reading Books”.

(220–250 words). First make an outline of the essay with the help of following mind map.


“Stop lying around; do something productive, read books”.

These are dialogues you hear when you are watching TV. They are annoying but they are right.

Ever since the invention of books, reading has been a popular past time for those who are able to read. As literacy level increased, reading became a hobby that the majority of the population enjoyed. Reading has been considered a way to provide mental stimulation and the great bulk of knowledge, which improved focus and concentration.

Not only that, books have always been the main source of improving vocabulary and enhancing writing skills. However, more recently, technology has changed the trend. Less and less people are choosing books to read to fill their time. People spend most of their leisure time watching TV instead of reading books. People are inclined towards watching TV as it is providing them with instant ways of amusements and also the information with no physical and mental exertions.

Technically, watching television is easier than reading. It does not require us to use our brains as much or concentrate as hard, so watching TV can be more appealing after a long day of work. Furthermore, some people are not very well educated that’s why they consider reading something done by intellectuals only. However, this perpetuates the problem and becomes a cycle. People are moving away from reading books.

Secondly, the increase in choice of TV programmes also means that more and more people are watching TV. If there are a handful of channels, people will certainly prefer reading books. Now, with the great choice of channels, we can always find something of our interest in any of the TV channel. Therefore, we are less likely to pick up a book because we are never bored with the television.

Last but not the least, the cost of books also affects our choice. In watching TV, you don’t need to pay much as compared to buying the books for reading. There are subscription costs and license fees, but once you have paid those, you can watch as little or as much TV as you want, with the only additional cost of electricity. With books, however, the more you read, the more you have to spend. And while it’s true that you can pick them up from the second-hand shops, sometimes it’s hard to find what you want, and some people don’t like to buy things second hand, so the price of books compared to television could certainly be a factor.

Undoubtedly, the price, the choice and an easy access to television have taken away the habit of reading books.

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