KPK Grade 6 English Textbook Board Peshawar | Class 6

KPK Grade 6 English Textbook Board Peshawar | Class 6

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This revised edition of the English Textbook for Grade VI contains material from the original book as well as new insertions agreed upon by the English subject experts from the Textbook Board, DCTE, and the private sector. The overall revision of the current edition was undertaken to align the textbook, with the Standards for textbooks included in the Minimum National Standards for Quality Education in Pakistan.

Therefore, the current revised edition has been brushed up to comply with the National Curriculum 2006; improved content and organization, more attractive presentation and layout, sound assessment method, relevant cultural values, and a keen eye to challenge all forms of biases.

The textbook comprises lessons, all of which now have new stories, poems, new color illustrations, and a fresh layout and design. The exercises have been carefully designed under new headings and they now have speaking and listening components designed to develop oral-aural language skills. These afford the students opportunities for practice and contain drill work as well as imaginative/ creative tasks.

The exercises are based on these headings:

Centex. — the wide variety of reading material includes factual accounts, stories based on nature, environment, fantasy, adventures, fables, and poetry.

Comprehension — relating directly to the context; to develop child’s ability to read and comprehend.

Grammar: including formal areas of language study, syntax, structure, punctuation, and its usage. The language and grammatical structures are elementary; there is ample revision and repetition.

Composition/writing — developing functional and creative writing skills.

Listening and speaking — involving listening skills, proper pronunciation, structure, functional vocabulary, expression, and debating skills.

All rights reserved with Leading Books Publishers, Peshawar. Developed according to the National Curriculum 2006 and approved by Directorate of Curriculum & Teacher Education (DCTE), Abbottabad vide NOC letter №860/03/F.03/Vol-1/Eng-6th Dated: 14/11/2017.

Developed by: Leading Books Publishers Peshawar Authors:
Ms. Aamna Aamad (M.A English Literature)
Freelance Consultant
Dr. Mujeeb Rahman
Chairman (Rtd.)
Department of English & Linguistics, University of Peshawar

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