How do you want to learn how to learn seo?

How do you want to learn how to learn seo?
Many friends want to do SEO, but they don’t have the skills and don’t want to spend money on training. Many people think that they plan to become self-taught, but can you really become self-taught in the industry?First of all, familiar with the meaning of the search engine and how it works
If you plan to learn SEO technology well, it will be difficult at first, and SEO hopes to bring you a good income through this technology, so you should be familiar with the meaning of search engines and the principle of search engines to calculate the ranking of keywords. Only by mastering these basic elements can we learn SEO technology in the true sense.
Second, build knowledge
I think I am talking about setting up a site here. Maybe there are a lot of newcomers just entering the threshold of learning SEO to build a website. I don’t know, but I know that building a station is a compulsory course for SEO technicians.
Third, theoretical knowledge
First of all, don’t say how much you can earn after learning to get SEO. From a point of view, you must first understand what you think is boring. The essential
Fourth, the use of practice
After the theoretical knowledge is solid, we naturally need to practice. It is important to know that the initial stages of learning SEO techniques are certainly more comprehensive and require a lot of time and intelligence to learn. From building a successful website to subsequent operations and maintenance, this is a long learning process.

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