Class 11 English Notes Chapter 2 Clearing in the Sky

Class 11 English Notes Chapter 2 Clearing in the Sky

Class 11 English Notes Chapter 2 Clearing in the Sky for Punjab and Rawalpindi board, MCQs, True / False, Match the Columns, Grammar, Questions Answers, and 1st Year FSc Part-1 notes.

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What moral lesson does the story teach?If a person is determined and has strong willpower, he can accomplish any task on his own. God helps those who help themselves. One should be like the old man who does not let physical problems hinder his way and his love for nature and sense of determination to fight back with circumstances enable him to accomplish his goals. Despite his physical weakness, he proves the doctors wrong by his determination and healthy spirit, as he remains energetic at the age of seventy as he says; “If the doctors have been right, I’ve cheated my death many times.”What did the son remember from his childhood? Were these good memories?Jess recollected the bitter-sweet memories of his childhood some of which were good while others were bad. He remembered the time when he remembered how his father had found a “coffee tree in the woods” once, which was known to him as the “only one of its kind growing” in their country. He also recalled the time when he was six and had lost the “little wooden plough” that his father had made him in a furrow. This was the time when he cried a lot until he made him another plough but having developed a deep affiliation with it, he never loved it as much as the first one.How did the old man feel about the land?The land was a source of remarkable sense of achievement to the old man as he claims that “with just little help” he was able to plough raise vegetation free of weeds and fence the barren patch of land in the “heart of wilderness” on the top of a mountain. He had high expectations with the vegetation that he would reap to be fresh and tastier than his son would have tasted ever. He smelled the land expressed his feelings as; “Just like fresh air. It’s pleasant to touch, too.” He also was also able to relive and cherish the memories of his youth with his wife there, as he says; “I went back to our youth. And this is the only land that felt like it was.”Why had the old man planted his secret garden?The old man had planted his secret garden because he believed that anything grown in the new land would taste better. Moreover, he wanted to remain active and relish a sense of achievement which by the fruit of his labour.What were the feelings of the old man at the age of seventy?At the age of seventy, the old man enjoyed having a healthy spirit and contented mind. He was proud of the fact that he had defeated death all this time and proved the doctors wrong. He had a sense of achievement, which he had earned through a lot of hard work.Why did the son at the age of six cry?The son had cried at the age of six because he had lost the little wooden plough in the fields, which he was fond of. He continued to cry until his father made him another one, but he never liked it as much.Why did the old man take the steep path?The old man preferred to take the steep path in order to remain physically fit and restore his healthy spirits back. He was unable to climb straight initially but as he continued to get better, he started taking steeper paths.What were the names of the vegetables the old man grew on his farm?The vegetables that the old man had grown on his farm were; yams, tomatoes, and potatoes. He had also raised corn, beans, and pumpkins over there before.Had the son ever been there before?The son had visited the place several times with his parents. However, he had not been there for the last three years.Where did the old man take his son?The old man took his son to the top of a mountain because he wanted to show him the piece of land he had ploughed and harvested after clearing the trees and burning the bush. He wanted his son to see the fruit of his toil.What had the doctors told the old man?The old man had visited many doctors, all of whom had advised him to avoid long walks and take rest. Due to his heart ailment, they had suggested him to spend the remaining days of his life with his family.Why didn’t the old man follow the advice of the doctors?The old man did not follow the advice of the doctors because he was the sole breadwinner of his family who had to raise a family of five children. Since he could not afford to take rest, he did not lose hope and determination. He struggled to regain his lost energy and proved the doctors wrong.

Write the story in your own words.

The story ‘Clearing in the Sky’ by Jesse Stuart revolves around the narrator of the story, Jess, who accompanies his father who wants to show him the fruit of his toil. In spite of doctors’ predictions for the past forty years who advised him to avoid long walks and spend the remaining days of his life with his family, he has already lived the seventy years of his life energetically.

Being the breadwinner­ of his family, the old man retains his healthy spirits and fights back the ailment taking the laborious task of clearing and fencing the barren land and raises vegetables in the midst of the wilderness. He is proud of his achievement that he had managed to carry out the tedious task with “just a little help” and “cheated death many times”. The spot has a special place in his heart as the memories of his youth are associated with it and it gives him a new sense of energy. In short, the so reflects his father’s deep affiliation and appreciation of nature and the strength of the human spirit.

Write the answer of the following questions in 50–100 words.

i. Describe the physical appearance of the old man.

The old man has been portrayed as a man of seventy having “pale blue eyes” and a “red-wrinkled face” worn out by sweat while he was wearing a “big blue bandana” on his head. He has been depicted as a man of healthy spirits who is determined to do the laborious task of taking a walk through the steep path up to the mountaintop where he plowed and harvested on the previously barren land.

Q 5. Use the correct form of the verbs given in brackets.

i. I (carry) a basket of dishes to Mom.
ii. I (know) how hot it was.
iii. I (follow) him down the little path.
iv. I (buy) this little farm around here.
v. Is that what you (want) to show me?

i. I carried a basket of dishes to Mom.
ii. I knew how hot it was.
iii. I followed him down the little path.
iv. I bought this little farm around here.
v. Is that what you wanted to show me?

Q 6. Punctuate the following lines.

now you’re coming to something son he said as he pushed down the top wire so that he could cross the fence this is something i want you to see

“Now you’re coming to something, son,” he said as he pushed down the top of the wire so that he could cross the fence. This is something I want you to see!”

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