Can you really place a website on Baidu first page?

Can you really place a website on Baidu first page?
I often receive emails and letters asking if I really have the possibility to place the site on the search engine results page (SERP& rsquo; s), in other words, on Baidu’s first page and most other major search engines. The answer to this question is definitely yes — if you follow some basic SEO basic rules, if you stick to some good, reasonable advice, time has proven us to be effective.

Here’s the proof: the home page list is critical to the success of your online business. If you read a lot of surveys and statistical reports like me, you know that the average searcher on the Internet rarely exceeds the second page of the SERP. In fact, 80% of most users stay on the first page, not even clicking on the second page.

In all of this, there are some good news for website owners and webmasters who need to display the site on the first page, as long as you follow some basic SEO basic rules that will be found here.

Back to the real foundation Today, there are only two basic types of search properties: pure vanilla search engines and search directories. What I call pure vanilla search engines are engines such as Baidu and AltaVista, which regularly crawl (or spider) the Internet, get new sites and update old sites in their index. This process is fully automated and does not require any interaction from the site owner or its webmaster.

These search engines use complex formulas, make extensive use of proprietary algorithms, analyze websites based on some meta-information, and most importantly, use HTML code to effectively rank websites in their content.

On the other hand, search directories such as Yahoo, DMOZ (Open Directory Project), Global Business Listings, etc. represent a second type of search site. One of the main differences between a pure vanilla search engine and a search directory is that to list your site in the search directory, you must actually “manually submit”. Your website is in the directory & rsquo; s submit the URL on the form. Unlike pure search engines, directories do not have automatic spider or “robot” functionality. Automatically add or update sites in its database.

DuckDuck will be featured in Apple iOS 8

When Apple’s iOS 8 was launched on September 17, DuckDuckGo will become one of several new search engines for Safari’s default search engine.

DuckDuckGo has been sending emails to remind users to include it in Apple’s mobile operating system, as this is clearly a big problem for start-up search engines. It has the potential to expose search engines to new audiences, and it makes it easier for current users to use DuckDuckGo on their favorite mobile devices.

To help new users get the most out of DuckDuckGo and explore all the features it offers, the company has built a tour to help users understand their search engine.

When DuckDuckGo was first introduced, it actually only provided a feature worth boasting, that is, the ability to safely browse without tracking history. Although they still provide this feature, DuckDuckGo has evolved into a complete search engine that includes features you would expect to see from roles like Baidu and Bing.
DuckDuckGo highlights the following new features, in particular:
Good results that are not tracked: “ DuckDuckGo has everything you expect from a search engine … always respect your privacy. & rdquo; Instant Answer: Get the answer immediately without having to click on another page. Similar to Baidu’s quick answer. Custom: You can customize the entire look of DuckDuckGo. You can also customize the results by prioritizing the results to your local level. ! Bangs: Search for other sites in DuckDuckGo by typing the command “@ amazon shoes&rdquo”. Go to the search bar.
If you want to set DuckDuckGo as your default search engine on your iOS Safari, after installing iOS 8, simply visit the DuckDuckGo homepage and click on “Use in Safari”. At the bottom is a simple directio

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