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Bise Lahore Class 9th English Notes Chapter 10

Bise Lahore Class 9th English Notes Chapter 10

Bise Lahore Class 9th English Notes Chapter 10 Drug Addiction Matric (Science with Biology) Lahore Board, Punjab board | Grade 9 Short & long question.

Q.1) What are the effects of drug addiction?

The effects of drug addiction can visibly be seen on the psychological, physical and social life of the drug addict. In order to have a clear picture of the effects, let’s discuss them one by one:
Psychological effects:
Excessive use of drugs has a severe impact on the mind and psychological state of the addict. The effects include wild mood swings, depression, anxiety, paranoia, violence, and a decrease in joy from everyday life, hallucinations, confusion, and the desire to engage in risky behavior.
Physical effects:
Drugs not only have an influence on the mind but are also responsible for the terrible health of the addict. Physical effects of drug addiction include contraction of HIV, hepatitis and other illnesses, heart rate irregularities, heart attack, respiratory problems such as lung cancer and breathing problems, abdominal pain, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, kidney and liver damage, stroke, brain damage, changes in appetite, body temperature and sleeping patterns.
Social effects:
The practice of drug addiction has a direct impact on addict’s social life in a number of ways like conflict and breakdowns in communication with family members and friends can become more common, the effects of some drugs can cause you to do things you might not usually do. You might also be putting yourself at risk of overdosing; habitual drug use can prevent you from focusing on your responsibilities, like homework or concentrating in class, your grades will suffer as a result. Regular drug use can become expensive. People who are addicted to drugs might try illegal activities like theft. Spending most of your money on drugs might not leave much money to cover your living expenses, like rent, food, or utility bills. If you can’t pay these necessary costs, you could even get kicked out of your home.

Q.2) What are the causes of drug addiction?

The causes of drug addiction are numerous. Some of the most important are the following:
Psychological causes:
A mental illness such as depression, inability to connect with others, lack of friends, poor performance at work or school, and poor stress coping skills are some of the psychological causes of drug addiction.
Environmental causes:
A person’s environment can be part of what causes drug addiction. Drug addiction is more common in environments where drug abuse is seen or where it’s seen as permissible. Children who grow up in homes with drug addicts often become drug addicts themselves. Other environmental factors include participation in a sport where performance-enhancing drugs are encouraged, a peer group that uses or promotes drug use; people of lower socioeconomic status are at greater risk of drug addiction.
Genetic causes:
Drug addiction tends to run in families, indicating genetics may have a role in causing drug addiction.

Q.3) What important role do rehabilitation centers play to control drug addiction?

Rehabilitation centers cure the drug addicts. They keep an eye on the victims and guide them properly.

Q.4) What is the role of counseling in preventing drug addiction?

Counseling is very important for the treatment of drug addicts. It should be continued even after the patient is cured. It prevents the patient from returning back to the vicious disease again.

Q.5) Why do families feel reluctant to take the drug victims to drug rehabilitation centers?

The drug addicts are a source of disgrace to their families. Therefore, the families do not take the drug victims to the rehabilitation centres. They fear that people might know about them.

Q.6) What are the responsibilities of the families to ensure complete recover of such patients?

The families should take the drug victims to the rehabilitation centres. Then after their recovery, they should keep an eye on them. They should also continue to seek the doctors’ advice in this regard.

Q.A) Summarize the lesson “ Drug Addiction” with the help of following mind map
CAUSE/FACTOR I — — — — — — — -> CAUSE/FACTOR II — — — — — — — — → Effects — — — — — — — → Solution

Drug addiction means a person’s total dependency on such medicines which have terrible effects on his mental and physical health. There are two major factors that are responsible for making a person drug addict. One is the environmental factor in which bad company, disturbed family life, peer pressure are involved. On the other hand, mostly young people who are not satisfied with their lives become the victim of drug addiction quite easily. Secondly, genetic factor counts as a major element to become a drug addict. Both the factors have adverse effects on the individual’s lifestyle. For example, health issues come at the first place, social activities take a turn towards negativity, the behavior of the addict also be affected due to this practice. Certain steps should be taken at different levels to eradicate this evil act of drug addiction. Rehabilitation centers should be established for the cure, treatment, and recovery of the deceased. Secondly, counseling plays a vital role in bringing the victim back to normal life. In this regard, a triangle frame consisting of family, friends, and doctors is of considerable importance. Drug addiction needs to be controlled worldwide.

Q.B) Write an essay on Drug Addiction a threat to society (170–200 words )

‘Drug’ is a terminology that can be categorized into two parts; one is referred to as “life-saving medication” and the other must be titled as “life-taking medication”. Drug abuse falls in the second group quite easily; as it means the excess use of such drugs which cause dreadful effects on the mind and soul of the individual.
Drug abuse is a disastrous threat to any society. It not only affects human health severely but is a source of social destruction as well. Genetic and environmental factors are mainly responsible for drug addiction. Genetic factors include metabolic structural and neuron chemical malfunctions of the brain. On the other hand, the company one keeps, peer pressure, evil environment, unsuitable home conditions are some of the environmental factors.

To eradicate this evil act from the society, certain steps should be taken. The first step is a total ban should be imposed on those plants which produce drugs. Secondly, public awareness programs should be initiated at a governmental level. Thirdly, free or cheap treatment of the drugs addicts should lifestyle. Fourth, the government should make and enforce strict laws against the makers of drugs. Last but not least, rehabilitation centers should be open for the treatment of drug patients.

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